Noah Graham is Steadicam Operator, FAA Licensed Drone Operator, and Director of Photography, located in the greater New York City area and Boston. He grew up around NYC area, and currently located a half hour from the center of New York City, or in the heart of Boston.

Noah specializes in commercial video work, music videos and documentary.  He is able to bring beautiful cinematic visuals to each genre helping tell each story to its fullest potential.  Although these are different areas of video production, the connection throughout them are found in how Noah shoots, whether it is with Steadicam, Drone, or as the DP, his style of shooting is distinct.  This is most easily described as freely and smoothly moving shots.  This is what ties his work as a Steadicam Operator, Drone Operator, and Director of Photography together.

In all three areas in which Noah focuses, he is able to create, and help create beautiful images that tell a story that people will be able to look at , remember, and have a connection with. This is what motivates Noah to get up every day, and look forward to the work ahead of him.  People allow him to share these moments with them and create memories with them. "It will never get old," he says.